DNA Health


“The DNA report highlighted health risk issues and has definitely inspired me to make long term
dietary and lifestyle changes such as reducing sugars and alcohol due to my genetic risks, instead of
short-term solutions.”

The result:

  • Access to an Optimal Health portal
  • 25 reports with risk scores and explanations
  • Wellness guides and tips
  • Ways for you to increase your nutritional intake dependant on your genetic and consultation
  • Lifestyle plan to improve wellness and performance
  • Health and wellness recommendations your healthcare professional can use.
  • Nutrition and diet plan recommendations
  • Exercise type

How does it work? (simple home swab test)
Analyses over 1500 genetic and lifestyle markers to provide insight into 25 health areas.
Provides truly personalised eating and lifestyle plans for your optimal health.
Helps you understand how your genetic profile influences your response to the nutrients found in
the food you eat and drink.
Identifies sensitivities and risks for deficiencies including stress, vitamin D, fats, sugars, caffeine and

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