About Me

Hello my name is Cathriona Hodgins and I am a Nutritionist qualified in Nutritional Therapy from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health, Dublin. I am also a busy mum of two girls based in Athlone, Ireland.

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Why Choose Me?

reason 1

All practitioners are not created equal in the Nutrition and Health Coaching field.  I have almost 10 years’ experience seeing clients. Prior to this I spent 15 yrs in the Pharmaceutical world in research and Development. After obtaining a degree in Chemistry. My interest in Nutrition led me to a post graduate diploma in Nutrition and Health from The Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health.

reason 2

I always spend time on the phone with a client first so I understand their exact needs be it a consultation or program.
Nutrition is a complimentary therapy to your other treatments and medication, I would never ask anyone to stop their medication and am happy to liase with other health professionals.

reason 3

I am a member of The Nutritional Therapists of Ireland which I don’t have to be, but I choose to be. Before a member can be accepted, we have to have our education and qualification thoroughly reviewed and approved. We have to comply with key professional development and continuing education to ensure the information and services being provided is up to date and still valid. It is also required that we are covered with adequate liability insurance for the scope of our practice. This keeps everyone protected.

reason 4

I try to keep it simple and work with your schedule be it a busy mum of 3 juggling work and school activities or busy professional on the road eating out a lot.

reason 5

I am a trainer for Grow mental health charity and Dochas cancer support centre in the midlands, and a regular contributor to Midlands 103 Radio.