Weight Loss

If you’re reading this you’re looking for a different approach.

You have tried all the others and maybe they worked for a while but now you’re feeling different and need different support.

By simply being on this page reading this you are taking a step in the right direction ...

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For me, sustainable weight loss and weight management is about the following:

  • Structure in your day and knowing when to eat, listening to those hunger cues and squashing those cravings, you can do this! The path to sustainable weight loss makes you Feel empowered about the food choices you make with the knowledge that you are fueling body and mind.
  • Sustainable weight loss is achieved by feeling full without the bloat straight afterwards. Sometimes that bloat and fluid you are retaining is the main part of the problem not the fat around the middle. Digestion is key to weight loss so together we resolve that bloat and help your digestive system do its job.
  • When was the last time you ate and felt satisfied? That satisfied feeling is so powerful but we have lost it.
  • Your metabolic type – are you eating too many carbs and its just not suiting you? Here’s a quick question; does porridge fill you in the morning or are you hungry an hour later? The answer to this tells us a lot.
  • This is NOT a quick fix method with calorific restrictions where you feel tired and miserable. This IS a structured approach to understanding your metabolic type. Together we discover if you thrive on carbs or protein or a combination of both. We discover how you feel with some fats added in.
  • Weight loss is about what works for you and what you can fit into your lifestyle and what you can sustainably commit to in the long term.
  • In my Weight Loss Program I use a low carbohydrate approach with some intermittent fasting that does not leave you feeling hungry.

Reaching your ideal weight is achievable …

Intermittent Fasting … What is it?

Intermittent fasting was one of the hottest google search terms for 2019, but its not just a trend, it is evidence based. The New England journal of Medicine reported the benefits in Dec 2019.

Its about eating less in a controlled fixed period like an 8 hour or 10 hour window.

Very simply not eating after 8pm at night and eating again at 8am is a basic level of fasting that we all should be doing.

We are giving the body a rest from all that eating and snacking that has become part of normal life now.

Amazing things happen when we don’t eat for a period of time, cells regenerate, we burn fat stores, blood sugars balance, inflammation is down regulated.


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