Prepared and (em)powered for Perimenopause - and beyond

Prepared and (em)powered for Perimenopause - and beyond

Your 4 week group programme

This online 4 week group programme, starting Monday 23rd Oct 2023 8:30pm, will take you from overwhelmed and in a fog to brimming with energy and inspiration. You’ll discover your own toolkit to sail through this phase of your life and be ready to breeze on through into mid-life. And you’ll be supported throughout your journey by a group of kindred spirits who feel exactly the same as you do right now.

You’re here because life feels a bit much for you.

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You’re struggling with:

  • Feeling tired ALL THE TIME. You want to hide under the duvet each morning and play pretend a little while longer that you’re your old self again.
  • Loneliness. Your younger friends have no clue and hubby seems to be oblivious to what it feels like to be you right now. Come to think of it, you’re struggling to put your finger on what’s going on yourself.
  • The unshakeable feeling that you’ve lost something. The things that used to light you up seem so far out of reach right now. Your daily “uniform” is leggings and a tshirt – those gladrags are buried at the back of your wardrobe.
  • Feeling “flat” constantly. You’re not excited about the things that used to get you out of bed anymore. You’re not even feeling fed up. You can’t put your finger on what the hell is going on.
  • The horror of waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat – your pyjamas are soaking, you’re embarrassed about your husband finding out, you’ve changed your bedding and duvet to solve this to no avail.
    Those sweats are sneaking up on you in meetings during the day too, can everyone tell?

I see you.
And I want you to know that you are not alone and it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

You deserve to feel energised and inspired to live life to the fullest – to be the fantastic mum that you truly are as well as pursuing your passions and hobbies.

Yes you CAN:

  • Bounce out of bed each morning, brimming with ideas and focus to create new things and drive your business or career forwards.
  • Turn to a solid circle of women who truly “get it” as you navigate this new amazing chapter in your life and rewrite your perimenopause story.
  • Proudly embrace your sexy mid-life self, the opportunities that are now available to you and rekindle the spark between you and your partner.
  • Feel empowered as you reinvent yourself, discover a new hobby, find your new signature style and be the life and soul of the party that is your mid-life.
  • Get those younger women / family / friends asking you what your secret is as you glow.
“I loved that the information was delivered in a concise, easy to understand way and that there were so many life hacks shared... Receiving the supplements just before the commencement of the course was such a great idea and let us all start our journey together. I’m still using them and find them incredibly beneficial. Cathriona is very approachable..."

This programme is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to write a new story about perimenopause – you’ve heard the horror stories and you’re keen for your experience to be different.
  • You’ve had enough of hubby (and you) asking, “how long will this go on for?”
  • You’re excited to make some changes, to try a new approach to food and movement and reclaim your energy and zest for life.
  • You’ve always been pretty healthy and active and you’re motivated to be that person again, in a new way.

This programme is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a “silver bullet” or believe HRT is your ONLY answer.
  • You’re happy to keep things as they are.
  • You hate the idea of going on a (virtual) adventure with a group of like-minded women.

What’s included:

  • 4 x live group video calls PLUS Q&A
  • Weekly challenges to guide your journey and keep you on track
  • Exclusive access to the Prepared and (em)powered Perimenopause community, hosted on Facebook
  • 4 weeks of energy, hormonal and nervous system boosting supplements worth €50
  • Meal planner and recipes
  • Health assessment
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout the programme

You deserve to experience Perimenopause with a difference.

To relish your mid-life and to surprise yourself with what you are capable of.

I believe that a prepared and (em)powered Perimenopause can be simple and fun.

"I really feel the difference in my motivation, my energy levels and my sleep."

Some of the key issues you’ll become an expert on:

  • How to beat the menopausal weight gain – balancing your blood sugar
  • How to ensure you’re eating the right things to support your bones
  • How to support your digestion with mindful eating
  • How to develop a good sleep routine
  • How to get glowing skin
  • How to keep calm and boogie on with your stress reset button
  • How to move and feel good

Hello there!
I’m Cathriona Hodgins, Nutritionist and creator of this programme. I don’t believe that those tired old stories about Perimenopause being a horror story have to be true for all of us or that we have to accept them as “just how it is”. I do believe that you deserve to shimmy into this next chapter of your life brimming with energy and excitement about what’s possible for you. Like you, I spotted the warning signs of Perimenopause – the night sweats, the sleepless nights, the hot flushes, unexplained anger and the overwhelm – and I took action. Like you, I believed there was another way. Dietary tweaks we could make, supplements we could take and movement that would shake up our experience of Perimenopause. And you should give yourself a big pat on the pack for getting here, for seeing the signs and making the decision to do something about it NOW. ​


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By the time this programme is through you will:

  • Be proud to call yourself a mid-life woman – you’ll have tapped into your unique power and have reclaimed your energy.
  • Feel confident in navigating Perimenopause and beyond as you have your own toolkit to draw from as your body and life shift into the next phase.
  • Have a support network of Prepared and (em)powered Perimenopausal women to lean on as you continue your journey.

The investment €245 (early bird €225 until 30th Sept)

"The difference is amazing!"


  • If I’m on HRT can I do this programme?
    Yes, the supplements can also be taken alongside HRT. We’ll run through an initial health questionnaire to make sure that your own journey through this programme is based around your health story.
  • Is there an age limit for this programme?
    No, perimenopause can start as young as 35 and symptoms can still remain into your 50’s.
  • I’m not sure I’m perimenopausal, how would I know?
    I actually wrote this blog post with you in mind, so you can connect the dots for yourself.
  • When are the group calls and do I have to join them live or are there recordings?
    The group calls are held live on Zoom every Monday throughout the programme at 8:30pm. If you can’t join us live, you can post your question in the Facebook group thread beforehand and you’ll be able to view the recording in the group space later that day.
  • I think I’m already in menopause, is this programme right for me?
    Yes, if you’re still experiencing some of the symptoms of perimenopause. We do talk about heart health and bone health which we need to focus on to future proof our bodies.

Let’s get started!

If you have any questions for me or would like to have a chat to make sure we’re a great fit, book yourself in for a discovery call.