Corporate Nutrition

Cathriona has worked at a corporate level for Innocoll Pharmaceuticals. 

In the past she worked with Elan Pharmaceuticals for five years and has regularly runs training and workshops with a variety of corporate companies including Pfizer, Ericssons, Ulster Bank , Laya and Axa. 

Her corporate background has brought many years of experience which enables delivery to corporates at a high level.

Cathriona Hodgins Nutritionist Westmeath Roscommon Galway

Training Experience

Cathriona has designed and delivered multiple workshops across the country. The topics include but are not limited to:

Topics & Overviews

Women’s Health

Even though a healthy, balanced diet is optimal for both genders, there are differences in the nutritional needs of men and women. Physical, nutritional and lifestyle are covered in this comprehensive training programme.

Cancer prevention & Recovery

Focusing on key nutrients and antioxidants to optimise health before, during and after cancer. A difficult time when the body needs support most.

Managing your mental health

Using your diet to support the work life balance, fuelling the body and brain with the right nutrients.

Digestive Health

With the consequences of a poor diet comes digestive problems. Understand common problems we like to ignore and learn to love your gut.

Effective weight loss

Learn why the diets don’t work and what really does with the low GL approach to weight loss. This is about feeling fuller for longer and knowing when to eat as well as what to eat.

Heart Health

Understand common conditions and risk factors, take simple steps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Private 1:1 consultations are another area Cathriona provides to corporate clients enabling the individual to get detailed advice relevant to their needs, confidentially is assured at all times.

We are all familiar with the saying ‘our health is our wealth’ but how many of us actively manage our health on a daily basis and how does this effect our working life in relation to performance and concentration at work ?

Is work life balance an issue in your work place?

Have you thought how a good diet can improve mood and concentration at work and help overall productivity in the workplace?
Missing breakfast, too many coffees and eating on the run is a recipe for mental and physical stress on the body.

Talk to Cathriona today about a corporate package for your company or organisation. This can be completely tailored to suit the needs of your staff.
Young families, fitness enthusiasts, or maybe staff with long term health issues can all be considered.