As we continue to emerge..what is your new normal?

So, what is the new normal for you? Don’t make the daily bloating the new normal.
Don’t let the new normal become jeans that are a size bigger, or energy that’s make you feel 10 years older.
Life is busy were juggling in ways we never knew we could. Its easy to let the routine slip, I did.

I let the water intake slip, the late night snacks increased and my body responded but I listened to it, tuned in to it and got back on track.
When we don’t look after our bodies the body responds with low energy, poor clarity, weight gain and digestive upset.

Let’s stop and listen to our bodies.
Sometimes we just need some time out to focus and prioritise what’s important in our lives. Like having the energy to play with the kids, feeling comfortable in our skin and our clothes.

There are lots of costly quick fix approaches out there, we all know that long term sustainable health doesn’t come in a shake or a pill or a bar.

It comes in the form of

  1. Building new habits: If your work routine is different then is it time to build a new habit around that ? Are you eating like you did when you were in the office ? Or are you eating when you get a chance ? now that your at home, schooling kids and working too ?
  2. Understanding hunger cues: When we are stressed, cortisol our stress hormone is raised and this triggers the body to release fat and carbohydrate stores for a quick boost of energy, which of course is what we need when were feeling stressed. This can then lead to an increase in appetite and ongoing cravings resulting in weight gain. So is it a real hunger or a response to stress that leads us to the kitchen cupboards more often these days?
  3. Planning meals: Are we aware of what foods fuel our body and mind?  are we using those foods in our meal planning? is there Infammation in the gut or joints that needs healthy fats in the form of oily fish, nuts and seeds rather than flammatory sugars and grains ?

We adapted and we did a good job, we embraced the changes and now we need to emerge and start a new normal.
If you need help emerging with your new normal I would love to chat.

Let’s make tomorrow different!