Reset digestion this March

Healthy eating can be hard when were out of a routine so chances are your digestion has suffered over the last few months, I know mine has.

So as we look forward to emerging over the next few months, here are my top 5 tips to reset your digestion this month:

1.Eat some vegetables with every meal – vegetables are packed full of nutrients like beta carotene which can help your digestive system function properly. Beta carotene gets turned into vitamin A in the body which is an essential nutrient for mucus membranes like your gut wall lining.
Try grilled tomatoes and spinach with your eggs at breakfast.
Soup or salad with some protein at lunch time.
Aim to fill half your plate with veg at dinner time, the greener the better.

2.Increase fibre in your diet- insoluble fibre like oats, linseed and fruit will help bulk up the bowel and help with any constipation. Oats with linseeds and a kiwi is a good breakfast option. Or a chia seed pudding with some berries.

3.Chew your food. Are you bloated straight after a meal ? and do you rush your meals and drink lots of water with them ? Give your stomach a helping hand by sitting down and eating your meals slowly, chew your food so it is a liquid going down, 20-30 times for every bite, sounds like a lot of work but try it and you will notice a difference. This will also help prevent over eating.

4.Boost your guts natural defences with beneficial bacteria. Stress, poor diet and medication can really upset our gut flora so give them some love with a course of probiotics or some natural fermented foods like kefir or sauerkraut.

5.Reduce the sugars in your diet, read the food labels on the sweet treats you are buying and start to reduce. Our daily intake should be no more than 25g a day, 4g equals 1 level tsp. How many spoons are in that ice-cream or chocolate bar ?

Take control of your health this March with some wise food choices.

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