4 ways we sabotage our weight loss plans

weight_loss‘I eat well but I can’t seem to lose weight’ A common phrase I hear from clients.

But when we sit down and go through their diet in detail it becomes obvious where they are going wrong.

These are the 4 ways you could be sabotaging your weight loss plans:

Portion size- what size is your plate? big plates are very trendy but it’s very easy to fill them with large portions. A 9 inch plate is sufficient. What does your dinner plate look like, how much carbohydrate is on the plate, if its more than a quarter then it’s too much. Carbs like pasta, rice and the humble spud need to be managed especially when eating your main meal in the evening.

Snack time- do you sit down at night and reward yourself with food? Or maybe at the weekend? Are you mindful of this time and how much sugar you could be consuming? a typical bar of chocolate is 20-30g of sugar, more than your recommended daily amount. That’s 4-6 heaped tsp of sugar. 1 biscuit is never enough 4- 5 biscuits could be 4-5 tsp of sugar.

Break the habit and reward yourself with something else, a nice bath or new book.

Stress- Is stress a factor in your weight? So many people are under continuous stress which can mean you stress hormone cortisol is being elevated more often than it should, cortisol will release glucose and fats around the body to help you cope with your stress but it also triggers your appetite ! So high stress means cravinsg for food usually sugar or carbs.

Mind-set- are you really ready to put yourself first, do you need to say NO to some people in your life so you can put yourself first and make time for planning your lunches, dinners and exercise plan. It’s easy to say I don’t have the time, we do have the time but we may need to prioritise!