Broken resolutions ? Unhappy with your weight? Feeling bloated?

You are about to achieve your ideal siz

Goodbye January, hello February! So how are you getting on with your new years resolutions ? Started and failed ? or struggling to get started? Resolutions don’t work! I prefer goals that you can work through week by week and really achieve long lasting change. To help you I have a personalised 1:1 six week program to support you and guide you and help you to achieve your weight loss goals this year.

The program includes:

  • week 1:On the first visit we take a food intolerance test- finger prick blood test covering approx 50 foods. Analysis of Food diary. Review of completed nutritional and lifestyle questionnaire. Based on food diary review set an easily achievable goal that will set you on the path to your ideal weight. Take body measurements, weight, fat mass, BMI and basal metabolic rate using the Tanita scales.
  • week 2: Results of food intolerance test is discussed. Discover how you can eliminate and reduce the food you are intolerant too and plan meals accordingly.
  • week 3: In week 3 we review your food diary again and discuss the difference the new food choices have made to your energy, mood and we expect to see some changes in your body measurements. We readjust your goal to suit your changing real.
  • week 4: In week four good healthy habit are forming around meal planning, mindful eating, healthy food choices. We build from these towards your goals and find new ways to facilitate you to achieve them.
  • week 5: In week five, we are now setting you up to continue to eat and live a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable going forward. We review progress towards your set goal and see what tweaks and adjustment need to be made to help you achieve this goal during the week.
  • week 6: Congratulations you have achieved your goal. This week is about planning for future weight management and coping strategies for those stressful times and tricky moments that can threaten to undo your great success

So ditch the broken resolutions and make goals this year.

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