Food Diary

I always ask my clients to start a food diary when they have a consultation with me in Athlone.
This is a very simple but powerful technique that makes you aware of what you are eating and makes you mindful of your eating habits.
Research shows that keeping a food diary will help you with weight loss compared with those that don’t.
How does it work ? You simply write down everything that you eat and drink and monitor symptoms day to day. It is so easy to forget about the half packets of biscuits you had last night in front of the tv or the few glasses of wine on a Friday night. Logging it in your diary will show you your daily eating patterns and help you understand when you eat, why you eat and what you eat.

I always ask clients who start a food diary to send it (3 days) to me after a few weeks so I can review and make comments.
Here’s an example of a bad start to the week but diet picked up on Tuesday.
As you can see missing breakfast left this client tired and craving sugar, the white scone, white bread and biscuits probably contributed to the bloating later on in the day. Symptoms improved on Tuesday but a large portion of pasta on Wednesday left this client bloated.

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Try recording your eating habits for just one week and see how it will change your habits !

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