Summer comfort eating?

Are you a Summer comfort eater?

It’s a new trend with our current weather systems. My mind says bread, stews and mashed potato but my body is craving summer greens.

How do you get it right for the mixed up seasons we have and feel good for the holidays ?
Our brains have been hijacked due to an addiction to winter food. Ask yourself Is there a need for coffee, sugar, alcohol rather than a desire?

It’s time to finally shrug off that winter brain that wants snacks all evening and quick fixes of energy. Its time to listen to our body and listen to that pain and take action. We love our quick fixes but they don’t last and they always bring you back to where you started.

Claim back your natural summer rhythm by supercharging your diet with nutrients, fiber and good quality carbohydrate. Without optimum nutrition we are left deficient in key nutrients, depressed and hooked on sugar.

It time to revamp our eating habits with some simple changes you can make this week.

🥦let’s change our veg and introduce some new season greens like spinach and cabbage and fresh salad leaves. Think green for cleansing and detoxing. Have some greens at lunch and dinner.
🥗let’s switch from sandwiches to salad and lattes to green tea and there’s a drop of 300-400 calories without feeling deprived or hungry.
🥑For the summer fun activities oil up the joints and boost brain power with some omega 3 oils in oily fish like salmon, tuna and sardines. Avocados and pumpkin seeds are good choices too.
🍵How is your water intake, has it dropped ? get back up to 2L with water and herbal teas, try some green or dandelion tea.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to work with me on a 6 week summer health program, then let’s chat.
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