New Year New You?

Is it a new year and new you? Or is it a new year feeling bloated with low energy and brain fog? Has the excess of the holidays taken its toll on your waistline? Are you lacking the biggest obstacle you face on your path to your ideal weight?


We all need it from time to time, sometimes its the check in and accountability and sometimes its just knowing your on the right track.

With one on one support In four weeks you could be lighter and fitting into that little black dress or skinny jeans, in 6 weeks you’ve dropped a dress size and your out clothes shopping again. You have that clarity and energy you had years ago and suddenly you can focus and concentrate on those important details in your life.

Let us not focus on giving up foods with cleansing and detoxing but this new year why not take on a new mind-set, new eating habits, new understanding of your health condition and the key nutrients that will improve your energy levels for the year ahead. Its the adding in not the taking out that ultimately helps.

Lets banish that daily bloating feeling this January, reset your digestion and lose those stubborn pounds with 3 easy steps:

Hydration: Lets start with water has it slipped over the last few weeks? Its easy in the cold weather and when your out of your routine. Start by knowing your quantities that your drinking, is it a 500ml glass or a 250ml mug first thing ? Aim for 2L a day and split it our thoughout the day. Herbal teas like green or peppermint count towards your water intake.

Eat a breakfast: If you’ve been rising late and skipping breakfast lose that bad habit straight away. Missing breakfast will lead to cravings mid afternoon and late evenings. Waking up with an appetite is important don’t be afraid of it.

Ditch the sugar: make every calorie count so ditch the empty ones like sweets and chocolate. Clear out the cupboards and give your digestion a break from the sugar. Switch to fruit and get your body used to a more natural sweetness.

Three simple steps so lets get started! Good luck and get in touch if you need some support.