New season, new routine-3 questions to ask yourself

Back to school is a busy time with a new routine to get used too. Many of us are multi-tasking and juggling a lot of balls in the air? Our diet is one of those ball’s ? It’s time to make it a priority. Its time to fuel the body and brain for the busy months ahead and give them the nutrients they need.

After a busy summer we need to ask ourselves 3 important questions.

Q 1 How is my energy right now ?

How do you rate it out of 10? Do you need a quick fix of energy mid-morning or mid-afternoon ? Do you feel like a nap in the afternoon ? Are you exhausted by 6pm?

Q2 How is my sleep right now ?

Are you getting 7/8 hrs sleep ? Do you wake up refreshed or are you tired all the time? How do you rate it out of 10?

Q3 How is my digestion right now?

Feeing bloated and sluggish is not normal, excess sugar and diet changes can cause this. How do you rate it out of 10?

If you ratings are below 6/10 its time to make some changes.

Let’s start with small changes:

  1. Get into bed an hour earlier for the next 3 nights.
  2. Increase your water intake to 2L a day
  3. Start a food diary and look at your sugar consumption.

These are small manageable changes that make a big difference to your health and well-being.

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‘Nutrition for life’