5 reasons why summer is the best time to focus on your family’s health

  1. With the kids out of school, no lunchboxes or after school activities to plan for summer time is an excellent opportunity to focus more on your families health needs. It’s time to take note of digestive issues like bloating, constipation; skin issues like eczema and psoriasis and of course weight gain. Start a food diary to highlight the offending food item or consider a food intolerance test. Special family rates are available.
  2. Eating habits can change over the summer months, for the better with more salads, fruit and vegetables. But also for the worse as summer time can mean treat time with more treats like ice-cream and pizza.Take note of eating habits in your house. Has your shopping basket changed this month? Watch portion sizes of treats, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is approximately 1 spoon of sugar but how much is in a 99 ice-cream cone ? Who knows! And why doesn’t that flake ever melt ? ………..(its high fat content)
  3. Summer time brings a better variety of fruit and vegetables so use it as a time to introduce new foods into your child’s diet. If you have fussy eaters try new fruits in smoot hies or freeze to make ice lollies.
  4. With the warmer weather it’s a great opportunity to get out and exercise as a family. The brighter evening’s means there’s no excuse for a walk, cycle or a bounce on the trampoline.
  5. The sun is our best source of vitamin D so let your kids get some sun before you apply the SPF creams. 5, 10 or 15 minutes exposure can really boost your vitamin D levels bearing in mind of course your child’s skin type and burn time. Topping up your vitamin D over the summer can help boost the immune system for the cold and flu season ahead. Some planning now can prevent sick days later.