Ultimate party hero !

xmas picA little black dress? Killer mascara ? No !!! Preparing your gut for Christmas so you don’t have to suffer the consequences.
Your gut ? Yes your gut ! We prepare ourselves for a party and night out but what about our digestion ?

It does get a bit of a battering over the festive period. So lets prepare for it.
Don’t know how to deal with big nights out, parties and Christmas dinner at the in-laws ?
There’s no need to dread going out just be smart about your choices when eating and drinking.
• Watch out for nibbles at get-togethers, eat before you go. If you must eat stay clear of anything deep fried. If you’re the host and want to enjoy the party food too, make or buy some hummus and try it with some oat cakes. Hummus is also good with some crudités like carrot, celery and cucumber. Avocado and cottage cheese is another good dip to try or smoked salmon on some rye bread.
• If your dining in a restaurant say NO to the bread basket and then have a salad for starter. Fish is usually a good low calorie option and ask for sauce on the side. Veggies and potatoes rather than fries and then treat yourself to a dessert!
• Drinks can be a hard one to manage this time or any time there’s a big night out. The low sugar and therefore low calorie options are spirits (eg vodka and slim line tonic) followed by white wine, red wine and finally beer being the highest calorie option. So plan your drinks and remember a good quality processo or champagne is another low calorie option !
• Over the Christmas period get in plenty of long walks, switch over to peppermint tea after a heavy meal rather than coffee and say No! to the tin of Roses.
• This time of year is a good time to consider a probiotic supplement especially if you have been sick recently or on antibiotics. This is because your gut is home to 70% of your immune system. A probiotic can really make a difference to issues like bloating, constipation or IBS symptoms.

Try and get the balance right and enjoy the night out !