Avocados are a great food to introduce to your babies and toddlers, people tend to think that avocados are full of fat, yes they are !! but it’s the brain boosting fats vital for your child’s development.

They contain many vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and E so don’t be afraid to include these in your child’s diet.

Avocados are now cheap to buy in many supermarkets.


The avocado’s smooth, creamy consistency makes it ideal as one of the first fresh fruits a baby can enjoy. Avocados can be mashed and served in a variety of ways and do not require cooking. Mash with a fork to the consistency appropriate for your baby. For added sweetness mix with a mashed banana, pear or sweet potato.


Add avocados to rice cakes and crackers for a snack or in a sandwich instead of mayo and butter.

School kids

Why not try salmon and avocado in a wholemeal pitta for your childs school box, now there’s a brain boosting lunch!! Or simply add to a smoothie for a nutrient rich breakfast or afternoon snack.

Avocado Smoothie Recipe

1 banana
Half an avocado
2 cups rice milk (cows, oat or soya can also be used)
2 tbsp plain probiotic yoghurt
1 handful of berries (strawberries, blueberries etc.)
optional-½ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp honey
Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

So good even mum might like it!

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