Quinoa- Queen of Grains (pronounced Keen- wa)

Often referred to as a grain but is actually a seed from South America, this is an amazing food that should be a store cupboard item at all times.

It not only is it a good complex carbohydrate but it is also high in protein and as such contains all the essential amino acids. Compared with wheat it contains almost twice the amount of calcium and magnesium and is also higher in iron, essential minerals for our little ones.

Weight by weight it contains more calcium than milk! So it’s a great alternative to diary as a calcium rich food.

Its great as a porridge to start your day with and the protein content will really fill your little ones up.

For lunch try a quinoa salad with your favourite dressing and lots of fresh salad veg or add it to soups for your toddlers.

Use it as an alternative to rice and potatoes, it can be found in your health food shop and also in the wholefoods section of the bigger supermarkets.

How to cook quinoa?

To cook quinoa, rinse the grain in some water and drain. Add it to a saucepan with twice its volume of water; bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes until the grains have doubled in volume.

For porridge add some milk, honey and cinnamon for a tasty alternative start to the day

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