Back to School with Good Nutrition

It’s the final countdown to September.

Have you got the books? uniforms? school bags? Yes !! Lunch box ideas ? Oh No! the dreaded lunch boxes!! Fussy eaters ? we all have them!
Its time to prepare the little ones and not so little ones for healthy lunch boxes again.

First Step

Start to talk to your children about lunches and what should be in them.
Why do they need carbohydrates and some protein for example ? Talk in simple language about carbs for energy for body and brain so they can learn, concentrate and play. Protein to build muscle and make them strong.

Good quality Carbohydrate:
Wholemeal bread, pasta, rice plus fruit and vegetables are all carbohydrate sources.

Good quality Protein:
Lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds.

Second Step

Talk to your children about where their food comes from so they make a connection with it.

Third Step

Get them involved in preparing food, start experimenting with different breads, wraps, pittas.

Fourth Step

Make food more attractive, presentation makes all the difference. Chop and dice apples, pears, make funny faces on a plate with orange segments. Grate and slice raw carrot, cheese etc. Texture is so important its not just about taste.

Fifth Step

Eat with your children, they learn from you! Its busy out there but try and eat one meal a day with your kids.


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